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Helpful Tips for Redeeming Codes: Movies Anywhere and Ultra Violet

+ If you redeem directly in VUDU you will receive Ultra Violet rights.┬áIf the code is High Definition Ultra Violet, redeem in VUDU so that it ports to Ultra Violet. Redeeming in Movies Anywhere doesn’t give you Ultra Violet, only VUDU.

-If you redeem in iTunes the movie may get upgraded to 4K UHD, but you will not receive Ultra Violet rights. If it’s a Movies Anywhere title, it will port to VUDU with no Ultra Violet rights.

-If you redeem in Movies Anywhere, you will not receive Ultra Violet rights or get upgraded to 4k, however if it’s a standard definition code it will get upgraded to High Definition.


No, the only way to redeem a HD code and have it converted to 4k iTunes is to directly redeem it in iTunes.
Yes, only if the movie is available to port on Movies Anywhere and the receiving streaming service(s) has the movie available in UHD quality. Please consult the "Redeeming 4k/UHD Codes" spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZsJkCX4DIv2oeCKQ7zp2ArkR1qKEXCUuCMBbUtHtmh4/edit?usp=sharing
Redeem the code directly in iTunes or Vudu. You can also "gift it" to yourself.

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